Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blogs about the Ozarks

I've set an alert for Google to email me whenever something about the Ozarks is posted each day. I read through the alerts, but a lot of the stories are just about events that happen in the Ozarks rather than really being about the Ozarks. Here are the links to the articles that are about the Ozarks region and history.

And, last but not least, a horror movie was set in the Ozarks. A review of Blood Forest explains:
The last remaining "Brave" of the Arkansas Cave Tribe, James Levi Wiley is caught in a race with destiny as Big Foot is rumored to be on the loose in the Ozark Mountains. A reporter from the United Kingdom, Virgil Williams, a drunk, is sent to Arkansas to get the scoop. As residents are mysteriously being killed, the town Sheriff is out to catch the killer as drama unfolds in the BLOOD FOREST.

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